Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yummy Curry

sorry about the picture quality :(

I attempted to make Thai curry this evening.
I went to foodgawker, found some recipes, then made up my own.
Sometimes this style of cooking results in epic fail.
Tonight. It was just plain EPIC.

I had no curry paste-of any kind- so I made my own.
Mingo ;), suggested I use tomato paste as a base and build on that.
Her idea worked wonderfully.

If I measured anything I'd give you the recipe but as I didn't, all I can do is leave you with the ingredient list.
Tomato paste
Yellow curry
Malasian curry mix
crystallized ginger
Sesame oil
Olive oil
Cayenne Pepper
Celery Salt
Chicken bullion + water
 1 can coconut milk
3 med onions
5 smallish totatoes
Frozen peas 
 Fish Sauce

Go browse the Thai Curry recipes and try it yourself.

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