I am...
Switching between these 3 youtubes.

tiny portion of the yarn mess
untangling this mess of yarn.

packing for tomorrow's trip to MT for the C- family reunion.

enjoying a freshly spruced bedroom.

I had...
a super yummy dinner of homemade mac and cheese+chicken.
winged it and nailed it. It tasted like it had velveeta- only we had none.

sweet time of Bible study with Debbie this morning.

a fun time tutoring today. 

lovely fellowship with some dear friends we haven't hung out with in a while.

I will...

yarn to fix collar
fix my beautiful red cable-knit sweater's collar.

figure out how to knit this .
maybe just this.

obtain more yarn to complete this ^.
I am not sure if this is a "real" crochet pattern/texture or not because I couldn't understand the directions.
Now that I have worked on it some I think it may be what the directions were trying to tell me.
Best part: the scarf squishes when you put your hand on it.

soon remove all the "extras" cluttering my floor. 
(i.e. sock basket and books to sell.)