Yesterday morning's sermon was timely. Funny how God does that. ;)  Bro. Gary preached a sermon about you guessed it- crossroads.  It seems like this season of life has the potential to have several of those.

Exodus 14:10-18

  • Israel is on the Egypt side of the Red Sea
  • Egyptians are hot on their tails 
  • Egypt is a Biblical picture of the World; bondage to sin
The people were at a crossroads. There were three options on the table. Three different ideas of what they could do.

Option 1: Go Back

In the people's mind it was better and easier just to stay in Egypt. They were afraid of what might happen if they continued on.  They had purposely "forgotten" the darkness and bondage of Egypt. They had purposely "forgotten" the greatness of their God. They were totally focused on their own desires. Option 1- a return to sin. 

Option 2: Stand Still

Lets just all hangout and God will just take care of it. "Let go & Let God."  But indecision is a decision in itself.  When you stand still (after you've been given your orders) two things happen: you become stagnant and a sitting duck. A lukewarm Christian is one who will be spewed from God's mouth.  Ducks get shot 'round these here parts. And don't we know that we have an enemy who wants to take us down. Option 2- it is still disobedience.

Option 3: Go Forth

1. God will prepare the way.  2.He will prevail over the enemy. 3.God will protect His servant. Once you have received your marching orders, dress for battle and get moving. When God wants us to do something, He will open the doors. Sometimes we won't see the door until we hit it while it is yet shut! It says pull and you push. Option 3- obey and march on.

  • We are to join God where He is working. That is "finding" God's will.
  • Restlessness in one's spiritual life is often a good thing.
  • Indecision is a decision itself.
 Apply it:

Am I at a crossroads in life?

  • Am I trying to ignore it?
  • What am I afraid of? (1 John 4:18)
  • Am I trying to please man because my "move" would make others uncomfortable?
  • Where is God working?
  • Will I choose my way (sin) over God's way?

I think the pot is going to be stirred at our church. God has been dealing with our pastor. I can see it on his face and hear it in his sermons. We need to move-as a body. I'll keep you posted on what happens next.