My Planner

I broke down and bought one.

I never used to be a "planner" girl. 
I didn't use the pretty little book to jot down my list of events and things to do.
Then I got into Dental Hygiene school.
There is no going back.
I tried to go without. 
I made it through the whole summer.
But as the "new year" begins I can go no longer without one.

The one I wanted I can't find in town.
Mom found it for me last year on sale at Target.
Even on sale it was steep for my shallow pocket.
It was worth it.
I told the LORD I really wanted a planner.
A reasonably priced on would be nice.
 He knew the kind I liked and that I hadn't found one yet.
I was going to have to settle for a different format than I prefer.
But then God...
The Sisters, mom and I went to Walmart Tuesday (I think) and I found it.
A Studio C striped planner.
It is cute. It is a great format. It was an even better price.
No.  It isnt "the one" I wanted. And it isn't "that" cute.
But man. It most definitely filled the need!
I am one thankful girl.
Now to fill in the pages with wedding plans, pinterest foodie projects, and friend dates.