Hope for Today, Promises for Tomorrow: Finding Light Beyond the Shadow of Miscarriage or Infant

 Hope for Today, Promises for Tomorrow: Finding Light beyond the Shadow of Miscarriage or Infant Loss, was written to offer hope to women who have suffered this kind of tragedy. Teske Drake, co-founder of Mommies with Hope, is a mother of 5 thee of which are in heaven.  Drake beautifully offers hope to those who mourn through the promises of God based on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

I liked:

This book has sooo much in it that I love. I'll try to be brief.

I love the apt and abundant use of Scripture.
I love that the Gospel is clearly presented and it repeatedly declared to be the foundation for all hope and healing.
I love that the focus is on God's Character and not our circumstances or feelings.
I love that Drake calls us to seek Christ above all.
I love all the extras of this book: "hope for today" Scriptures, thought provoking journal prompts, the prayers that Drake has prayed over her readers. So. good.

I disliked:

 At the end of each chapter is a "live it!" section designed to give ideas on how to flesh out the truth presented in the chapter. Great idea.  In one of those, though Drake asks her reader to write out a letter as if God was speaking.  This concept just bugs me.  Totally a minor thing in the grand scheme of this book.


This book was full of "amen" paragraphs but not as many one liners or quotes.

"' What could possibly be good about the death of a baby?"... My reply? It's a matter of persepctive. The focus must shift from the circumstances to the Savior. Of course there is nothing good about the death of a baby. However, He is good, even when babies die." p. 40

"God is near when we recognize our need for His mercy, acknowledge His Son as our Savior, and kneel at the foot of His throne." p.81

Favorite Chapter:
 Too hard to pick.

Overall Opinion

My heart rejoiced over and over as I read this book. One of the best signs that a book is good is that it inspires prayer and praise as it is read. Drake calls women to align their hearts with the truth of Scripture. She points to the promises of God which are founded in His character. She is always pointing to a saving relationship with Jesus as the foundation to receive the hope and experience the promises of God.  God's truth stands no matter the circumstance. No matter the hurt.  Because this book was based on Biblical principles of the character and nature of God I was able to both repent and rejoice in the reading although I have never experienced the pain of losing a child.  I am pleased to be able to recommend this book.

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 I was given this book in exchange for review by Litfuse Publiciy Group.