Monday, August 27, 2012

Cradle My Heart

In the book, Cradle My Heart: Finding God's LOVE After Abortion, Kim Ketola offers hope to women (and men) who have experienced abortion in some way.  Ketola is not stranger to the hurt that can come after abortion.  She herself experienced the pain, regret, and shame.  Ketola compassionately navigates the spiritual waters of a heart who has suffered from the choice to abort a life. As she does so, she offers a road to healing through Jesus Christ.

I liked:

Kim Ketola is so very compassionate. She has been there. Experienced the hurt. Shame. Humiliation.

The "Relaxed" style in which this book is written. Ketoal invites you to chew on truths as they are presented to you. She poses questions in such a way as to help you think about where you are in the healing process.

There are numerous truths in this book that can apply to anyone. I have never experienced abortion in any way. I have not chosen to end a life. I have not had anyone near me choose that to my knowledge but there are principles that apply to all people.

She calls sin sin. Abortion is sin no matter what the circumstances surrounding it are.

The pages are littered with Scripture references.

At the end of each chapter there are reflect: request: respond guides. These guides help you think about the truth that has been presented, know how to pray, and act them out.

I disliked:

In chapter 3 abortion is clearly called sin. Up until this point one it was not made clear that all cases of abortion are sinful.

Some of the Scripture references provided do not seem to match the point being made.

Her creative license is too extravagant in the retelling of most of the parables, in my opinion. The one exception I found was the woman who had a feminine bleeding condition chapter

I have one MAJOR beef with this book.  In fact, it is a deal breaker for me. Wanna know what it is? She is soooo confusing in Her presentation of the Gospel. On minute she discusses sin and being made new and the next she says just tell Jesus your hurts. It is chapter six before a fairly clear presentation of the Gospel!  For the first 5 chapters promises that are specific to Believers were cloaked to all- Believers and Non alike (i.e. Romans 8:1).  There can be no healing after abortion until your heart is transformed by Christ! Sin must be removed from the guilty heart. Salvation must come through repentant faith in Jesus.

Favorite Chapter:

Chapter 3: An Open Conversation
      This chapter explores the lies believed when choosing an abortion as well as how the Enemy works to deceive us.

Quote-ables/ Nuggets:

"The Devil is not a creative being- God is the Creator of all things." p.58

" When God explicitly commands what we are to choose, out choices reveal whether or not we agree God has the right to tell us how we are to choose." p. 65

"Withdrawing does not heal the hurts." p. 74

"Only God's truth can  restore the bleeding heart and soul and mind." p. 77

Overall opinion:

I would not recommend this book. There are bites of truth here and there, yes. In fact, there are many more quote-ables highlighted in my copy. Yet, the lack of a clear, concise presentation of the Gospel and the fact that one that is there is put way back in chapter 6 of 10 chapters put me off. There were also some theological opinions presented that I disagree with- namely regarding the nature of Jesus and His finished work.

Blog tour.   Buy Me   I received a copy of this book Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for blogging a review.

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