Post Surgery

Yes, friends, that is as far as my mouth would open yesterday. The pained look- legit. It hurt.
I have decided that if I ever have an IV again I hope that it was as painless as when Dr. Remerscheid does it.
Yes, it hurt but not much more than a shot in my mouth. And I *love* shots in my mouth compared to shots in my arm. I know. I'm crazy.
IV sedatives are a girl's best friend. Nitrous how I loathe the.
Having a DOULA for a mom is wonderful because labor tricks work on everyday anxiety too.
I dropped my BP 10pts from relaxing via birthy techniques and taking to Jesus.
I took my special RX pills yesterday but this morning I woke up feeling well enough to be able to try Naproxum. It worked like a charm.
The sad part of this whole ordeal is that I wasn't even funny.
I look pitiful but I wasn't funny.
Oh well. :)
I currently have a frozen rice sock on my right cheek because it is quite swollen. More swollen than the left.
It feels like some one socked me in each cheek. Olbas oil is most definitely my friend.