Pinterest Project

We have some friends who recently moved to Texas from home. Yesterday, we, my sisters and I, went to play at their house. We had a blast. We ate pizza and cookies. We swang on their AWESOME swing. And. We did a pinterest project.

The foil is placed inside the shirt to prevent the bleach from bleeding through to the other layer. The bleach pen is what you use to write with. This is NOT a tide to go sort of thing. Think grout cleaner. It took us forever to find it at Walmart.
Creative Inspiration
Word Inspiration

The final prototype

This is the one I made. I actually made it for Heather.  Her now FIANCE! (They got engaged last week.) is going to Afghanistan for approximately 9 months. With training and such he'll be gone for almost a year.

Waiting for the bleach to work its magic.


Rachie doesn't usually wear such an awesome color lip stick but today she made the lips on my shirt. Apparently she needed a visual so she smooched some paper with her red lipstick.

Washed and Dried

I let the bleach sit on mine too long so it bled.  One of my "the" looks like "me" because of it. Katy's bled through the foil to the back of her shirt so she has a hazy peachy look going on. Thankfully it looks cute anyway. Rachie, the artist's, turned out perfectly. In fact, I saw her later that day wearing it and it was SUPER cute.