On my Mind

  • James 1- memorize
  • The natural man leaves the mirror and forgets....the other "perseveres". Is it that he stays in front of the mirror?
  • You will know them by their fruits. Sometimes fruit can look good on the outside but is rotten in the middle. When the fruit is squeezed then one can know its true quality. Gethsemane crushed the first fruit but it also crushes us too revealing the kind of fruit we produce? (Interesting concept the old olive press and the gethsemanes of Jesus' day. Do some research.)
  • What book to read? My Bible study on James ends tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe something on Womanhood. We have a whole shelf full of those. 200 plus books on Theology or Bible studies.
  • One should be devoted to their own local church body. Not to say that they cannot serve outside of that with other churches but their primary focus should be where their membership lies. Ouch. Working on it.
  • Quickest Bachelors then a Masters or Theo Bachelors and maybe no Masters. And LORD, what is the next step? I certainly don't know the end goal so what is the next step?
  • Sometimes we have no clue what the end goal is.
  • Maybe the book should be the one I got for graduation called  Anxious for Nothing.
  • Find resources for Marta.
  • Make todo list for tomorrow. 
  • Finish putting together "new" room.
  • etc....etc...etc...