Made It!

I'm back at my beloved second home.

I officially got out of bed at 8am. 
Got ready and packed all of my gathered "junk" leaving
Hope and I pulling out of the driveway about 9:19 this morning.
I grabbed an Sausage McMuffin on the way out of town and chewed it with my front teeth.
Yes, I'm sure it would have been funny to watch.
I ate my BK chicken sandwich the same way.

I spent most of the morning busy with my own thoughts as we headed for the great state.
Eventually we turned on some music. 
And did you know that in this area of the country most of the radio stations are country music?
I like country ok but today I just wasn't in the mood.
The cd player wouldn't work so I called a couple of friends and chatted a while and Hope occupied herself with a  "slow American girl doll book. Now I know why I don't read them anymore".

I did not once wonder as to the correctness of the path I was on. (AKA No detours!)
Nor did I need to pull over and cry because I hurt.
I thought about it then broke into the Ibuprophen.
Sweet semi-relief. 
Ok so really all it did was prevent me from having to pull over and cry.
Who cares. We made it.

Dinner was a treat tonight. 
Sushi with the sisters and my uncle.
 Yes. It was yummy.
Best part. I could eat it!
The fortune cookie...not so much.

Before the night is up I am going to write up our meal plan for the week and our itinerary.
There are things to be done and people to see during our time here.
It is going to be a blast.