Lazy Day

This is book 2 in my "blood and guts" series. The package underneath contains a surprise. You'll be seeing it on the blog in a couple of wks.
Today was a VERY lazy day. I slept in until 10am.
Did very little. A little reading. A little baking. A little pinteresting.
My mouth is doing a bit better. 
I have tried to keep on pain reliever at all times today.
I made a walmart list and a sketchy menu for the week.
I've decided I must be really good with my soft diet.
I think it will help. Hopefully.

I did do something significant today. I dropped some of my fall classes.
It is really happening. I'm one step closer to my Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies!

Tomorrow is an errand day then comes church!
I'm so thankful to have a church to attend when I'm here.
What does your week look like?