Sunday, July 29, 2012


1. Dressed up t-shirt for Katy. $2.99
2. Black t-shirt for Katy. J.C. Penny brandnew. $2.99 (This one is super soft!)
3. Skirt that I suspect is a Dillards brand for Katy. Like New $3.99 It is a smidge big and she'll shrink with bball but she loved it and it is take-in-able.
4. Target Super long and super soft t for me. Again brand new- $2.99
5.  These little skirts I bought because a. Beanie and I will have matching pink ones. b. they are perfect for transitioning from gym to class. They look adorable over my yoga leggins. $1.97 a piece.
6. This Forever 21 shirt is gently worn but Hope *loved* it. Every other thing we pointed out to her she kind of snubbed. "I like it but...." This she was super excited. It will look great over her skinny jeans. I promise the color is better in life. It looks great on her, btw. $2.99
7. Gap brandnew still has the fold creases t-shirt for me. $1.99 It fits perfect and the color is "ahhh"
8.  A splurge platter for me. Heather liked it too so most likely we'll use it at her wedding. It has short little legs that you can't really see in the picture. $3.99
9. not pictured. A pair of Vanity slightly worn jeans for Hope. They fit her perfectly and are a nice dark wash. Score. $4.99

 Left. This piece I picked up for Heather's wedding. She is getting married in July and I'll do a post all its own on that later. $2.99
Right. Splurge piece for me because I have a matching one at home. $4.99
Left. The first of a collection of wine-ish glasses to be used like this for Meggy T's wedding. $.99
Right. I bought 7 of these mugs. All they had actually. I am thinking Winter parties with hot chocolate. $.49 a mug.

I spent WAY too much money that day on our 2hr trip to goodwill. Apparently I did not have my goodwill brain switched on because honestly most of the deals I got weren't that great. Ok but not great.  I re-entered the land of the sane when I got home and realize it. Oh well. All the things we got will be used and well loved. Besides, it was good girl bonding time.

Oh! I almost forgot! Katy got her first formal!
It is cute. The length will make it cute with heels. 
Now she just can't change her taste for 2yrs so she can wear it. :)

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