Friday, July 13, 2012

Fabric and Ms. Tracy

Ms. Tracy this post is for you.

Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby in search of the perfect window dressing fabric for Kate's Room.
When we didn't find what we wanted we tried Handcocks.
Nothing cried out "Buy me because she'll love me!" to mom for her room but I found some things.

Lets start on the left.
The picture doesn't show the color quite true. It is a gause-y piece of fabric that turned out to be $.89 cents a yrd. I bought it to surge and use as a scarf.  I've gotten into trying to wear them and most of mine are blue-ishy.

The Middle.
This was from the $6 a yard bin. You know the one.I *think* they are the kinds you use in home decorating and upholstry. (You can tell I know *sooOOoo* much about this stuff by my terminology . ;) 
It is going to become a beachy bag. I think I may get a fancy monogram on it. I haven't quite decided.

The Right.
This piece caught my eye in the $5 yrd. section.
 Again, I've no clue how to categorize these fabrics.
It is going to become a pillow sham for my "new" bed in my "new" room.
I haven't decided how it will look yet. I'm pinning ideas.
My new tablecloth bedspread goes beautifully with it!

Besides the red gause-y stuff mom will most likely do much of the actual sewing. 
For whatever reason I can use the serger and not ruin it but the sewing machine...
well that is another story.


  1. I love the fabrics on the left and right!

  2. Yay!! (you do know how to get better with the sewing machine, don't ya? ;-)

    love you, sweet girl!!


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