Summer Schedule

Summer break has been lovely thus far. I had almost 2 weeks off then the dreaded SRTA exam. I've spent a week in Texas.  I came home to start my new job. I've had one day of work(yesterday). It was great. I got paid to read the book that I am thoroughly enjoying and study uninterrupted my lesson for tonight.  I hope tomorrow is as good. If I actually have to "work" that'll be nice too. :)

I have found though, that I am a TERRIBLE waster of time. I'm sure that a diligent godly wife/woman can't do that. It isn't in her job description. I have this talent for getting absolutely nothing done in a day. During the school year this doesn't seem to be such a problem. The difference? No schedule. So I'm working on creating my summer "schedule". I implemented it this week.  

I have determined to try to be up by 7:30. (Today I missed the mark. I got up at 8:30.  The workout yesterday made me TIRED. )  Not only out of bed by 7:30 but I must get fully dressed. Not lounge clothes.Not bed clothes. Dressed like I'm leaving the house minus the make up and shoes.  I used to think people were nuts to say that this helps but they were right.  The rest of the day's schedule depends on what I need to get done.  Ideally after I'm dressed or maybe even before, I have spent some time in the Word with Jesus.  Often it is after the morning rush of feeding the cleaning that I get out my Bible and shoo children to their rooms. Also, I make a list of the things that need to get done the next day the evening before.  Even if I never look at the list having made it does wonders. Better to get it to paper but a mental list is ok too. I even have a new exercise program that starts tomorrow night. It is all done in the pool. I'm stoked. It will be Mon., Tues., and Thurs. nights.

Hopefully with this little bit of a schedule, (Like I said "schedule" might not be the right word.) I'll be able to get the things I need to do done in a timely manner and do some of the things I want to do before the summer is up and school starts again.

I need:
to turn in my DHYG license paperwork which includes me
          a. going to the Dr. (on sched for tomorrow afternoon)
          b. updating my CPR (on the sched for Mon. night!)
          c. notarized. (after Dr. appt. sometime)
          d. getting then taking my jurisprudence
          e. yet another background check.
          f. turn in my anesthesia permit stuff
figure out how to enroll in the classes I need
figure out how to enroll in the school for my bachelors
I want to:
play my piano and learn some new pieces
buy some new strings for my mandolin 
have a friend put the strings on the said mandolin
play the said mandolin
read some of the books I have
do algebra
play with kiddos
cook and bake fun things

What are you wanting to do this summer? What things are helping you keep on track?


  1. I'm teaching myself to play my cuatro puertoriqueno :D ... although my learning/teaching is stalled because evening is the only time i can do it, and i've been too achy at nights lately to hold down the little strings properly :( Ah well. After all these years i've finally taught myself to tune it, so that's something!


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