Quick list of "i"s

Today's Expression

had a very busy week.
had my first tutoring student.
had an appointment with Maggie. 
(I think she is considered a chiropractor.)
got finger printed for my background check for my license. 
(It is going in the mail on Monday!)
met my newest cousin for the first time last night.

I am...
studying for tomorrow's lesson.
listening to the ruckus in the house.
wanting to blog two posts that are rolling around in my head.
thinking I need to work on some pictures.

 I will...
practice for tomorrow night's "Singin'" at Legacy with Ms. Midon.
say goodbye to Roger for the week come tomorrow morning. 
He is off to basketball camp in a sunny state hrs and .away.
work on my jurisprudence exam.
spend some more time in the Word.
 I can tell I'm going to need a big loaf of bread today.
go hang out with the familia at Nana's house this evening.
All three of her children and grandchildren will be there. There will be one son-in-law missing. :(

NOTE: Seriously, I need my room back in order. I can't. hardly. standit! 
Chaotic surroundings stir up a chaotic heart. 
Praise the LORD that I am forgiven and have the ability to choose righteousness.
But man, it is hard sometimes.