Thursday, June 21, 2012

Malta India Light

Katy and I ventured to A-Z here in the Fort. I love that store. It is full of different things everyone time one goes.  We perused the drink section thinking maybe something regularly too expensive for us to try would be waiting for us.  This is what we found. The bottle cap says "Puerto Rico" and the ingredient list says Aspartame. It is describes as an "Alcohol free malt drink". I should have known then that it was a bad idea.

$.39 laterwe had bought the brown sticky substance in a bottle that is just too cute.  I had hoped to have video of our first taste but I glitched something so let me just tell you. BLUCK!  It tastes like molasses with some fizz. Add on the aspartame's aftertaste and you've got a pretty good description of the nastiness.

When you google Malta India you find two varieties. Regular. And Light. If you click "images" there are pictures of alcoholic beverages. In this description, we find that it is compared to beer. Wikipedia says that it is called children's beer sometimes.  If beer is anything like this, then there is just one more reason not to ever drink it.

Who would have thought a bottle this cute could hold a substance so disgusting?


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