Happy Birthday Heather!

Preston and Heather

One of my besties Heather's birthday is today. We celebrated at the lake on Saturday. Her family and her boyfriend's family and me. It was very last minute event and I was so happy I got to make it!

We laughed until we cried. Swam. Enjoyed the warm water and the warm sun. The weather was perfect.
Reading The Pursuit of Holiness by Bridges

Sisters throwin' rocks
Holly buried in rocks

We "Made do" without the ketchup for our hot dogs. And played capture the flying creature. 

The drive home was almost as fun as the time there. We hooked up the ipod and Hunnt kept the music going. We listened to a variety of music. Rascall Flats to Boys like Girls. 

We stopped on the way back to check out this truck at a car-lot.

I think she had fun. I know I sure did.