Dinosaur Medicine

Dinosaur medicine'd face*
It is a new thing that my mommy got me.
I am one of the specially selected people who didn't truly have a good "break out" until my senior year of highschool.
So nice.

That weird smile comes from not being able to smile. 
The crazed eyes are just me.

Sadly, you can't tell that this green is just the color for me.
It brings out the blue ein my eyes.
Not even kidding.

If your face decides to rebel against you, 
hit me up and I'll give you some of my Dino mask to help you out.

*we think it makes your sing (really, sing? I've no clue.) SKIN look like Dino scales.


  1. i needed this a couple months ago when pregnancy hormones were raging:)

  2. let me know if it helps! i never thought it did, but maybe it did and i just didn't realize it. Course my breakouts are more cyclical than anything, so probably by the time anything would start working, they'd go away on their own anyways.


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