Sweet Couple

This evening I took some pictures for some friends of mine. It all started on pinterest. One of us said something about a cute pose and I said I wanted guinea pigs. They volunteered and voila!
hand obsession 
I learned a lot today from this shoot. 
I tend to over expose which I can't fix with my free inexpensive editing software.
I need to use to learn my fill flash or find a friend who can help bounce light.
Learning how to pick the best depth of field and how to focus. I stink at pre-focusing.
I want an ipad so that I can pull up my ideas then pose people. 
I forget between my house and the location.
He proposed right here!
All in all though. I have enough to make me happy.
I think they'll be ok with them too. ;)


  1. you could print a book of pose ideas or sketch them out by hand in a notebook.

    A thick white posterboard/foam board can help bounce light. A little sister can hold it and get paid in ice cream ;)

    there are some really cute ones, the third from the top is my favorite.


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