Protein bars and Curly ribbon

Today I decided to make these healthy bars again.
I dumped my eclectic mix of seeds into the blender and thankfully before I turned it on I tasted them
Not quite yummy.
So at mom's suggestion I roasted them.

You see I have my clinical exam tomorrow then Saturday morning one of my bestie's and I are off to Tx. Car rides merit treats. We are going to visit some friends (another one of ours is gonna be there and we didn't even know it!), go to the Zoo, and find some shopping. 

I pulsed the roasted seeds in the blender the put them in a mixing bowl porcelain covered cast iron pot.
There is no special reason for the pot other than convenience.
The recipe calls for some sort of dried fruit.  I used regular old raisins.
My raisins were rather dry but I figured the processor could chop them no problem.
I was wrong. I gave them a whirl and the raisins look the same!
Into the cast iron skillet they went with just a smidge of water.
After they simmered a bit they were soft enough to "process".

I mixed these right in with the rest of the seed mix. I forgot to say earlier I added coconut in with the seeds too while they were in the process of being processed. (that looks so weird)

I used peterpan peanut butter and coconut oil. No sugar/honey/sweetener.
I used the recipe amount of coconut oil but eyeballed the peanut butter.
I melted both in the microwave and mixed them in.
It turned out not to be enough PB to make my seeds stick together so I put in some more "poo butter" as it was once called here in my house.

Here it is all pressed into the pan.
Into the fridge to chill.
Beanie came in at one point and gave me a pretty to wear. 
  Roasted nuts tasted better but not exactly not bitter.
What is a girl to do?
Make fudge icing.
My grandmother makes the BEST Texas sheet cake ever. It is half dense cake. Half fudge icing. 
I decided that icing would be the perfect topping for my bars.
No I didn't think about taking pictures of the process. Oh well.
I will remember to tell you I used coconut oil instead of butter and didn't measure the powdered sugar. 
I'm pretty sure I didn't technically have enough.

Ignore the lumps due to the fact I did not choose to sift my powdered sugar.
Ignore the lameness of the picture.
It really doesn't look that appetizing.

Back to the fridge to stay until devoured.
This time it got to go in the front fridge. No picking my way through the maze of  kitten...stuff.
We are fostering kittens before they go to my GrammaWanda's.
All children should love on kittens at some point.
It is a good thing.
That is a carrot and he is using it to get the chocolate off the beater.


  1. The carrot thing pretty much cracks. me. up.


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