It Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Have Knocked

My Dear Brothers,

           You've been praying about it for months. You've watched. Calculated. Examined. Mulled.  You have all your ducks in a row.  You are feeling the heart-tug to find a wife. You've sought wise counsel. Listened to their advice, heeded all warnings, straightened things out so there could be no possible objections to your wooing that "good thing". You even found someone who you think is "the one". She is the picture of perfection. She meets every requirement. It finally seemed like God was saying "Go for it!". So you did. You finally worked up enough courage to ask the girl out. If you are more conservative, you asked her dad to court her.

The question was posed and the

"Where did I go wrong?" You may wonder.  "Everything pointed to her! Is there sin in my life that clouded my view?"

It may be that you have read the signs incorrectly. You may have had sin clouding your view. Yet, those things are not necessarily the case. Take heart! Just because you find what looks like a closed door does not mean you disobeyed or ran ahead of Him. Maybe it was the process not the final result that God was going to use most greatly. Maybe the no is what you need to cause your eyes to be opened to other things. God is sovereign. Never is anything in this life done in vain. God will uphold His own cause and you will be blessed if you love Him. He always blesses obedience.

Do not allow the rejection of the offer to be misconstrued as a rejection of your person. Most likely the girl thinks you are a nice guy just not the perfect fit for her.   You never know the ways that God may grow her through this unpleasant event. If she is half the girl you think she is, saying no wasn't fun. It didn't bring delight to her heart. It might have even brought tears.

Just so you know, if you knock on the door and you hear "I'm sorry. You can't come in." remember that doesn't mean God didn't want you to knock in the first place.

                                                                                                                `Your Sister