Grad Week

We My family cleaned and cooked in preparation the whole week leading up to Graduation weekend..

 Party Food! The cake is nigh on the best thing ever. Lemony creamcheese  filling with a cake-y base.
~ mmmmmm~

 Guest book. 
This is an album with a notes section to the left of each picture slot.
I asked people to sign and tried to get a picture of them and me at some point. It would have been better had I designated a photographer for the job and I stayed in one place!
I will get prints off the weekend made and put the appropriate picture with the name.

 The scholarship check that came as a COMPLETE shock to me.
 My diploma case with a letter that says you'll get one soon.
 The Cutest! card ever. This is an original design by Gary Thomas  who happens to be one of my Pastors.
 Each member of the family wrote their own note in a mouth.
The letter I've been waiting for which came in the mail yesterday.
The record from our school has not been broken.
I'm one step closer to RDH


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