Day 4+

Day 4 we took a road trip to LA.
Heather got some great deals.

Our first time eating at this restaurant.  My mouth feels dirty after saying the name of it.

Among other things, WM has Fluff. I just thought the packaging was adorable. While I was there, I bought some green curry to make some Thai recipes with.

 Day 5
2nd favorite day of the whole trip.
I fell asleep early the night before and we didn't get up until mmm 10am.
Our hankering for coffee took us to a local shop downtown that is owned by a Catholic man.
The "Sinners Only" chair at the shop sparked some interesting conversation.
On the way back to the house I spied a Bible book store. Instant detour.
We spent 2hrs + there.
There was a lounge area with coffee. We curled up to read some of our new books.
The Scroll had a large homeschool section that also included a consignment section.
 I'm not a mom and I drooled.

Day 6

My cousin Ian received a Christ-likeness award from his school.
We went to the special ceremony at the end of the school year.
He had no idea he was getting it.
That afternoon we swam with the kids and neighbors.
Such a fun day.

The trip is almost over. We leave for the Fort tomorrow morning.
My family will be here in T sometime tonight.

I'm kind of amazed at how much I love this place. 


  1. looks like you're having a wonderful trip. and congrats on passing!


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