Day 3: Shopping

Day 2
I've no pictures to prove any of this. Oh well.
Church. I absolutely *love* my T church. It seems to be full of people who love Jesus.
The preaching is SOLID both from the pulpit and from the Sunday school class I have attended.
This time the map took me the wrong way so it took us 45minutes to get to a place 5 minutes from where we are staying. I don't trust my memory to start me out on the right track.
 Needless to say, we missed Sunday school.
It didn't matter though. The people we met, some of whom I've met once before,  invited us to lunch.
Then after a beautiful evening service, we all went to dinner. 

Day 3
Shopping in town.
We hit several stores but found the Goodwill to be the best.
Shiny odd skirt at Goodwill.
My beautiful plate (I got 2) for $1 each. at Marshalls
While we were at goodwill I got the text I'd been waiting for all day.
"SRTA scores are posted."
I called my mom to check my score for me.
Up until this point I had taken my lap top with me so that we could find the nearest hot-spot if I got the text while I was out.
I passed. Praise to Him who caused my hands not to shake. I passed.
Celebratory Starbucks.
My Dr/Chef uncle made us a delicious salad with shrimp and spicy sauce.
The plan is to finish my Henna tonight and watch Father of the Bride.

Mini road trip to:
Boardwalk Mall in LA, Glass Factory, WorldMarket.
It is going to be fun.