Seder Dinner

Seder Food

New Church Family

One of my girlies
I took notes during the whole thing. I cut my notes out of the paper table cloth on which I wrote them. Only once I got home I am not sure what I did with them. 

I have decided that I want to incorporate the holiday dinner in some way into my Easter celebration from now on.  God told the Hebrew nation to celebrate Passover to help teach-DISCIPLE-the next generation. *love that*This is a family holiday with the parents and children each having their own part.
The lessons that are taught by the different elements are precious.

Lets pray I can find my notes.


  1. oh, cool!! you got to go to a passover seder! would you like to see on of our hagaddahs that we wrote/compiled? this year we will use the one Ann Voskamp posted on aholyexperience, because it's much shorter. But i do love all the symbolism and beauty in the full seder :) too bad we had to postpone our seder, i was looking forward to it! morelooking forward i guess. Does midland do all the feasts, or just passover?


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