I am...
working doing teacher evaluations.
sooo very tired.
sad that I will miss graduation
(this is the last class of people that include my friends not just kidsfromthehomeschoolgroup)
ridiculously excited.
thinking about whether my hair is grown out enough to warrant a color before graduation.
thankful that God worked out all of my clinicals!

have completed my last pt in school.
enjoyed said patient.
 sang a lot today.
was given a guy's phone number which I will never use.

I will...
*hopefully* spend some time with my friends in celebration of the last day of clinic EVER.
study for finals.
sleep hard.
begin planning my graduation party.
 prep for tomorrow's marathon of a day which includes-
a. helping photograph a wedding
b. NUMAS banquet
  (which I thought was formal-ish but the email today made it sound not so much)

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