gThis is my new church home...for the time being...
I have accepted the challenge (call) to teach 2 (soon to be 3) tween-age girls.

My first Sunday teaching I got my first taste of culture shock-ever. The pastor and his wife tried to prepare me for the kind of background my students have. I understood in concept but it didn't hit home until I talked to them myself. Such hopelessness. They are buried in families wrought with overt sin. They are hungry for love. They need Jesus.

As I prayed and prepared to undertake the responsibility of loving on and teaching these girls I discovered areas of sin that needed to be eradicated from my heart. The more I study and prepare to teach the more that the LORD is teaching me.  It may be the best thing that has happened to me spiritually in a while.

This morning's sermon by Pastor Carl was pertinent to my heart. We are working our way through Matthew 13.  This morning we camped out on verses 10-17.  Pastor Carl unpacked three things from that passage.
  1. Grace in the gift given (v. 11)
  2. The Grace in the abundance of the gift given (12-15)
  3. Proclaiming the gift given (14-17)
The third part struck my heart. In light of the first two-God having revealed Himself to me to the point of Salvation and his continuing to reveal Himself- the third becomes even urgent a task. Just as the prophets proclaimed the truth of God so must we- Believers. Over and over I am reminded of this fact. Over and over I neglect the command. Why this morning it resonated with my heart only the Holy Spirit can explain.
Praise the LORD oh you His people! Praise Him for He is good! He lavishes His love upon His children! He opens their eyes and their hearts to their need for Him...continually. He displays His love in intimate ways.  He does not allow them to wander far from Him but calls them back. Praise the LORD God that He sees us as righteous based solely on the finished work of Christ and not any work of man. Worship Him for His sovereignty.  Declare His goodness all you His people among the inhabitants of the earth.