"I" and some linking


had a better week this week.
had two cancellations in clinic. 
got good grades on my test. Better than expected.
finished my table clinic boards. (I'm quite proud of those actually).

I am...
in *love* with that mouth picture. I am aware of how odd that makes me.
listening to Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber for music appreciation. It is much better than Threnody.
Ahh the music for mourning. 
studying for the music appreciation test.
enjoying the first day of SPRING BREAK!
still in need of a board patient.
excited about S.T.A.M.P. technology.

I will...
study for my national board all during spring break.
write a case study paper on Multiple Sclerosis.
write a music appreciation paper.
complete most of  my assignments in my IT online class that has been a pain in the hiney.
read a book.
visit with friends. 
love on children.
 play an offertory!
practice for above offertory. (gonna need to get on that)

My friend Amy over HERE is doing Fun Friday Blog Link-up.
I am rather confused as A. the point. B. how it works but I like her muches so I'm gonna try it!
Go see what it is all about! 
Maybe you'd like to link up too!


  1. You make me laugh! Love it. The "point" is for other people to link so you can find them, and for you to link so people can find YOU! It's to draw traffic, girl!


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