Evanescing Clothes

I have lost my *favorite* pair of jeans. The $4 dollar pair from Jills (originally Pac Sun) that fit just right. 
Not too tight not too wide. Ugh. They are missing.
Thankfully for me it is my own fault they are missing and not that of my mother.

Mother? Why yes.
 Have you never had a beloved article of clothing mysteriously disappear?
You wore it one day and it never came back through the wash?

It was my favorite skirt. 
The polka-dot one that laid so beautifully. Ankle length.The fabric was pretty much the best ever. 
No ironing needed.
It disappeared. I wore it one day then it was no more.
Years later I found out my mother, who never really liked the thing, stuffed it into the abyss of our trash can.

The skirt. The nightgown that was holey.(It deserved the receptacle but its sentimental value can never be replaced) The old man Cosby sweater.Other articles I have yet to hear of the reason for their sudden evanescence .

I am not guiltless of ousting a thing or two myself.
Mothers and daughters will sometimes gang up on other children's favorite articles.
Such as the shirt that is too tight, but her favorite.
Or the dress up dress that needs to die.
I think we've even put to rest a favorite shoe or two.

The next time your favorite thing vanishes contemplate the possibility of foul play.
If you are the mother and in need of removing some *junk* from your home remember these tips:
do it discreetly & bury it deep.


  1. LOVE. And yes, Sadie's clothes have vanished before......

  2. throw away someone's favorite clothing without their knowledge so they have to hunt for hours and hours and never find it? that makes me cry! better to do it before their faces, at least they know, and possibly can persuade you to change your mind. Although i still regret my poor swan princess shirt - mom hated licensed clothing with cartoon characters. eh, wouldn't fit now anyways ;)

    I once lost my favorite pair of jeans and FINALLY found them in my brother's (my BIG brother's!) closet. ... that was insulting more than anything else.


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