Roger Pickens

I felt vindicated. I wasn't this bad to begin with. I really have been regressing. The tears spilled over. The ones that have been threatening to burst forth for the past 2 weeks.  She is a bit scared herself and I was more than a bit nervous.

Having an instructor say "I'm worried about you. Your grades are slipping. You can do better than this. What is going on?" was hopefully enough to tip the scale back to moving forward. Somehow it helped my hurting heart.

Tears again. This time tears from knowing His overwhelming love. A text message sent without any knowledge of my day. One that reminded me of His goodness.

"I life my eyes unto the hills from whence my help doth come. 
My help comes from the LORD maker of heaven and earth."

It reminded me of from whom I should draw my strength. It does not come from me. It never has.

I must remind myself of whom my strength comes from daily. Nay, more often than that. God keep sending me encouragement. I must just trust Him. He will take care of me whether I am ever a good dental hygienist or not. He cares for my heart. He will guard it and I will seek to treasure Him. Only then I will be a joyful, tranquil hearted individual no matter what happens in life.