Friday, February 24, 2012


I am...
battling cysts on my chin.
thinking about what I will wear tomorrow.
making a mental list of what I need to get done tomorrow.
praying that a friend of mine's husband (I guess he's my friend too :P) gets better soon. 

I did...
go to Mfield today with Leah to teach them about "oral health".
have a *lovely* conversation with Leah.
go to NameBrand clothing, Designer Again, Jills, Fianna Consignment, and Salvation army.
find some nice grey dress slacks for $2.72.
find the perfect birthday present for Meggy T.
take Roger to get his hair cut like Justin Bieber -the famous old version- which was not our original idea.
have Birthday dinner with the family for me and Kate.

I will...
soon retrieve all that must go with me on my errands.
gather Talent Show stuff.
print off the programs.
make a hard copy of the list in my head.
wrap the above birthday present.

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