Good vs. Best

"Good is always vying for what is best"

My mom pointed this out at a Ladies Renew last week. It is a concept I haven't contemplated in a while. Such a timely reminder.

There are so many good things we can do with our time, things that are not necessarily evil and may even offer some benefit to the doer. Yet, sometimes those things are not always best.  For my friend Brittney who was speaking at the renew-it was reading too many novels. It stole time from her that could be used in preparing for the husband that she now has.  The books were not bad, and knowing what she read, actually offered up some (be it little) life lessons in the story but they were not best. It seems for most women it is a Mary/Martha thing. Cleaning the house/errands/outside activities vs. time with the kids/husband/in Bible study.

When I think of this concept, I am reminded of holiness. Being set apart unto God.  A person can do good without growing in holiness. It is a call to go beyond the outward actions and work on the inner person of the heart. It begs the question, "Is this spurring me towards Christ?".  Only what is done for the Glory of Christ- what moves me towards Him- what encourages my heart in the Truth- should consume my time. 

It does not mean that facebook is evil or that one can't ever enjoy a novel. Downton Abby isn't always bad (although some episodes are not worth watching). If anything  moves you away from Him or stirs up discontentment in some area then it must go (or be closely moderated) even if it doesn't look "bad". 

What areas do you treasure that do not spur you on towards Him? What promotes discontentment in your heart?