I wish I had had a camera.

This morning on the way to school it was foggy.  As I drove up along side campus, I thought of how around each lamppost one could see but not far away the fog was so think it clouded one's view. This isn't the most accurate description but it was what I thought of in the midst of the fog.  I couldn't help but be reminded of the cloak of blindness that is over the hearts of man.  The natural man is blind to the things of God. The lamppost- they represented us. Specifically, the light of Christ shining in us. The number of lamppost verses the density of fog  probably accurately represents the number of Believers to those who are not on our campus.  The potential to offer much light to our classmates is there- to be beacons of hope in a dark world.


  1. It might be better to think of the fog as sin or a trial in the life of a Believer and the lampposts as Scripture, the Holy Spirit, or other Believers that encourage or light-up our path. As a Believer removes sin or comes out of a trial the fog is lifted and they are back in the full light of day.


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