I do not like changes. Not most of the time. Occasionally I will encounter a change that I love like- a new baby being thrown into the mix. It seems that right now I am at a pivotal point that is going to be full of changes.

First, I am seeking the LORD about a possible ministry opportunity that would require me to "be my own person". My family would not be joining me in this venture. I would have to be a "grown up". I am excited at the possibility but such a change sets of an alarm in my head. "Can you really do this?"  Then I am reminded that it isn't me who is doing anything. It becomes a matter of obedience to Him and obeying is always better. (Btw, I wouldn't even have to move from home.)Just to give you a peek into my comfort zone and how I think. I would rather follow a rule or judgement call that my parents made than act on my own. There are two reasons for that a. it is easier on relationships b. there is very little chance of failure. Both answers are wrought with laziness.(Can you tell I'm a pleaser?)Yes, I'm learning.

Secondly, one that offers no stress whatsoever, there has been a change in plans with regard to my future schooling. I had originally planned to seek another associates in surgical technology and for a while now I have not wanted to do it. Yet, that was the plan and I can do pretty much anything for a year.  The more I looked at it and the job market for Dental Hygiene, my first love, I decided I really didn't want to do it. (what if I got a job halfway through the surge program? I can't not practice that long and keep good skills. No power to set my schedule. etc...) So I began to pray.  What am I supposed to do?  I didn't think my mom was going to be stoked with the change of plans- she wasn't at first. But then God... as we discussed my reasons for the questioning of "the plan" we both realized it wasn't the best option anymore. So... I will be taking general education courses this fall that will go towards a bachelors in Dental Hygiene at some point. I am stoked to be back in regular classes. I hadn't realized how much of a burden entering that other program was on me until I was free of it. It was one of those call your besties and tell them moments.  Who would have thought that *I* would be thrilled with more school? I, who didn't even want to go to college!

Changes come. They always will because until we reach glory we will be battling sin. Without things that test and try us we cannot partake in the sufferings of Christ which move us to "cease from sin". Although it seems weird to call this suffering- 'cause I'm not exactly in the pits of despair- it is a stretching that moves me closer to Jesus. What is God stretching you with right now?