Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blessed Finds

My neighbor periodically will get a whole trailer full of junk from some house that he has helped empty usually after a death. (Kinda creepy when you think about it.) This past Tuesday he had a trailer full and invited us to search for treasures. My mom found some treasure, my brother found some treasures, my sister found some treasure and so did I. 
The best part- it was all free!
Punch bowl. I was telling MommaTagg from Celebrating Life about my find at basketball practice. She told me how much she loves punch and punch sets. She bought a set for $7 on sale once and used it for every occasion she could think of- no matter how small.
 I have 11 of these little cups that will rest on the side of my beautiful bowl.
(whose inside is a larger version of the inside of the cup) 
The 12th cup has a broken handle. You guys may remember that I love to party plan. 
I figured this would go well with the other 80cups that I have for whatever event I could need them for!
 My friend Jess is getting married this summer. Her plan is to use antique looking decor so when I saw this box of Bibles I picked them up thinking she might like them. She was super excited!
This horrid picture is supposed to show you the top to a silky jimjam (I just learned that word and love it) suit. I thought Beanie would like it. It has pants and a robe to match.
I may have to try it on before I hand it over for good.

One of these days all my treasures are going to be put to great use and someone will not have to spend any money or time trying to find them. 
I have no clue when that will be but I'm excited nonetheless.

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  1. As well you should be! VERY exciting and fun treasures!!!!


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