Sunday, January 29, 2012


Not sure why there is a black line...
A. High noon has got to be one of the WORST times to have to take pictures.
B. Which one is your favorite?
C. I had a BLAST this Saturday watching our teams play this weekend. I love bball...primarily cause of the people there cheering our team on.
D. What did you do this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. a)sunset (and presumably sunrise, but i'm never phtographying then) is the BEST!
    b) her expression in the 1st is my fave, but the lighting i think is best in the 3rd.
    c) you shoulda seen Aiden cheering at the game for unco sammo. .. and the opposing team. Anyone making a shot, really :D
    d) i went to basketball games, cleaned, watched some Sesame street with Aiden, researched fermented dairy products, had a miserable morning at church, took a nap, got a strawberry limeade, sat on the porch swing, worked on my 'get luke to want a cow' project (that involves talking about making cheese and yogurt and stuff, lol), tried on pre-pregnancy clothes and discovered many that fit, but some thati just don't like any more. and I made awesome onion cheddar drop biscuits. .... mostly a good weekend :D


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