Not sure why there is a black line...
A. High noon has got to be one of the WORST times to have to take pictures.
B. Which one is your favorite?
C. I had a BLAST this Saturday watching our teams play this weekend. I love bball...primarily cause of the people there cheering our team on.
D. What did you do this weekend?


  1. a)sunset (and presumably sunrise, but i'm never phtographying then) is the BEST!
    b) her expression in the 1st is my fave, but the lighting i think is best in the 3rd.
    c) you shoulda seen Aiden cheering at the game for unco sammo. .. and the opposing team. Anyone making a shot, really :D
    d) i went to basketball games, cleaned, watched some Sesame street with Aiden, researched fermented dairy products, had a miserable morning at church, took a nap, got a strawberry limeade, sat on the porch swing, worked on my 'get luke to want a cow' project (that involves talking about making cheese and yogurt and stuff, lol), tried on pre-pregnancy clothes and discovered many that fit, but some thati just don't like any more. and I made awesome onion cheddar drop biscuits. .... mostly a good weekend :D


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