Surgery and ice cream

Beanie enjoying her surgery present- Tangled.
Beanie, had her tonsils and adenoids taken out on Tuesday morning. The "happy" meds they gave her before surgery didn't make her happy. She cried and asked mom "Why do you have four eyes and two noses?".  The doctor was 35minutes late so she was left with the feeling longer than others before they put her out.
 She spent most of the day drugged up as you may be able to tell from the expression on her face. When I came in from school that afternoon, she held her mouth open with the most pitiful face.  I found out she wanted me to see her uvula which was so swollen it touched the back of her tongue.  The ice-cream rich diet has been a plus but she really isn't into soup. Our sweetie is much better now that she can breathe.


  1. Bless her poor little heart! I know how she feels! Hopefully she will end up like me... mostly remembering the ice cream only. :)

  2. poor kiddo. great picture,though!


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