Azure standard apples that came in today.
had a not so hot day circumstantially in clinic.
realized that I must study harder for music appreciation after taking the first part of test 1.
finished up competency 8- for now.
took the quiz on Oral Cancer that I almost forgot about entirely.

I am...
working on Patriot picture orders.
wanting to revamp my blog.
so thankful for my dear friend Brittney  who is going to make me a super cute header. 
(Cause I can't figure it out!)
running through what needs to be done tomorrow.
thankful for the work of the Holy Spirit.
love the comments that I have been getting. 
(Who doesn't love some fun feedback?)

I will...
soon get out my clothes for tomorrow (yes, I'm that kind of girl).
work on talent show stuff.
go shopping for a green formal tomorrow.
have a blast at some Patriot games tomorrow evening.

What are you up to?
Blog your 'I's for others to enjoy as well!


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  2. "I" like your recent blog changes! Good job, girly!


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