DH School Update

I have so much going on in my brain. Where to begin?

School resumed this week. LAST SEMESTER OF DH! I'm excited and kind of sad. I am going to miss my girls.  I think my whole class is on information overload. Not only that but we are draining our bank accounts and it is only day 2.

Tomorrow is our first day back in clinic. The grading scale has been upped. The requirements have been upped. We each need two board patients.  So much to take in! I'm so very thankful I have good easier patients tomorrow.

We, as a class, are off to a DH conference this weekend. It goes from 7:45- 5:30 every day. We are going to learn a lot and I am told it is really fun. I'm excited.

Next week I will settle into my study routine for the National board which will be take over Spring break. The test is now pass/fail with multiple right answers. In my opinion multiple right answers is more difficult. You either get all the right answers or you get no credit. It is too relative for me.

Ms. Dsn is to come visit next week. I am so excited to see her. Our cheer leader is coming and I am sure she will give us a pep talk. She has been the most instrumental in building my confidence in my ability to do what I have been taught. Love her.

Enough of this. I want to read about your foreseeable adventures. What do you have coming up?


  1. our upcoming adventure... we're weaning Kieron. the gradually thing we started last week was just frustrating him (and therefore us), so we're going cold turkey.
    .... it is not a very fun adventure.


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