Beanie's Birthday

For the kids birthdays, I take them out to lunch.  J. Alan got Braum's and raved about it. Beanie has been looking forward to her turn for months. Her birthday was New Years but I wasn't home so our lunch date was pushed back. Today was her day.

She chose not to go to Braum's for the beloved icecream but wanted Mexican instead. Las Americas Too. Neither of us had ever been so it was to be a great treat. It happens to be a favorite restaurant of several of our friends. We went expecting some yummy food and were not disappointed.

Beanie told me that  "maybe the R--s will be there. Maybe even the Popsingers!". Considering we were going at lunch I figured that very unlikely. But then God...

We walked in the door to our beloved Popsingers (who had 2 extra seats at their table nonetheless!) and to our left Dad Barry (our name for the father of my sister's bestie). Mr. Thad invited us to sit down with them and we hailed Mr. Barry! How cool!?

Birthday Sopapilla
If you tell the staff there is a birthday they come sing and present you with this delicacy (Thanks Mr.Thad!). Beans just continued eating like no one had just said "this is for your birthday" and began to sing.  She didn't get it at first. She isn't good with accents apparently. I wish there had been a film crew to capture it all. After a bit of persuasion, she ate the dessert first.

We were going to swing by the Tagg place to see Meggy T whose birthday is today.  (Stop by her Blog and say happy birthday) I called her but she was out at her birthday lunch so Beans and I went shopping instead.
I was kinda sad not to get to say Happy Birthday her in person.

We smelled a ton of perfume at Ulta, checked to see if Garrison and/or Bobby were working today at Lifeway(neither of them were but Jerry was), then looked at all the animals in the barn of the filthy stench Pet Co. I saw the Tagg van near our car and text MommaTagg mentally debating whether to bombard them in Target or not. (I have no clue how to punctuate that.) But then God...

We were in the car fixing to leave and I looked in my rear view mirrow and low and behold it was Meggy and her man, momma, gramma, and grandpa! What does a friend do? Stick her hand out her sunroof and scare the bejeebers outta her by honking. They came over, Meg showed me her pretties, and we recounted our lunch festivities. And I got to tell her Happy Birthday in person.

Oh and I forgot what I think may be one of the coolest God parts of the whole thing.  I went to pay at the restaurant and was told that "that man" paid my "rent".  Whoever "that man" is didn't know how much of a blessing it would be on this particular day.


  1. Sounds like a sweet day! Happy Birthday Jelly Bean!

  2. By the way, loving the blog redesign. Maybe you could help me with mine. I am having a stinky time with design on there lately.

  3. I'd love too. It is super easy.


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