Throughout the year I buy Christmas presents and tuck them away in the crevices of my room. Yesterday afternoon I stole away to my room to treasure hunt in its depths. I found all of my treasures and discovered that I was closer to being done with my shopping for Christmas than I thought! What to buy dad? What to buy dad?!

I rediscovered how many dishes I have.  Anyone wanting to use milk glass dishes to decorate? Just contact me. I found boxes I had forgotten about it.  I also found this....
It is wooden! I remember the plastic kind and how I loved it until I was way past the suggested age range.
 I'm one of those people who buys cool toys for the kids she doesn't have.[ I don't have a husband either. Maybe it is a little premature.] I'm sure I'll have a kid or two, of my own or not, that will be able to enjoy all the goodies.


  1. Are you going to sell some of your milk glass? I have a couple of projects I would be interested in a few pieces.

  2. I don't want to sell any but I'd lend out for an occasion. My favorite piece broke. :'(

  3. Awww. :( I am looking for some of the short hobnail vases that are about 4 1/2" wide and tall. Mine says Fire King on the bottom. I know you have some like it so I can show you what I mean when you get home. I am wanting to make some topiaries. Keep an eye out for me!


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