Tonight I attended my first ordination service.   It was such a sweet service. My pastor for almost 15ish preached the charge to Carl H. and our associational missionary charged the church. Both "sermons" were simple but convicting and encouraging.

Our friend[s] Carl (and Joelle H.) answered a call to preach at a small church in an itty bitty town about 30mins outside where I live. I can't rightly remember how long they've been there. This church seems to be a training ground for young men who become pastors. Carl is just one of numerous ones who have been ordained in that church.

Carl and Joelle have been struck by the number of lost people in this town of  less than 500.  Many of the residents are caught up in substance abuse of various kinds. The congregation is filled with older people and mothers with children. There are few dads and it breaks their hearts to see.  Pray for the H family as they learn how best to serve the people in their church and community.