I got up this morning, ate two peanut butter truffles, and had a glass of soy milk. Right after which I locked myself in my room to finish up some Christmas presents.

proper back-round noise
proper tools...note the is winter

My sister, Beanie (yes, it is a nickname), is almost 6 (New years!) and she loves to exchange letters.
She especially loves to trade with "Ms. Jessica" at church.
I am making her special letter boxes for her and a friend (probably Ms. Jessica) that have matching stationary.
$.10 tins = letter boxes
blank "letters" for the boxes

Her letters are just scrapbook paper folded in half. There are no frills or fancified things. That is due in part to the fact that it is Christmas Eve's Eve and even greater to my un"creativeness".
My scrap books  attempts are PLAIN!

Kate, the 13yr, plays the piano. When I was in Salvation Army looking for something for Mom's present, (haha that is another story) I stumbled upon this book and snagged it.
$1 Bach piano book
 That is the back but I assure you the front was much more ugly. How does one take used piano book that isn't old enough to be cool by itself and make it one your sister won't get mad at you for giving her (as a Christmas present)?!
 If you guessed scrapbook paper you would be correct!
(We interrupt this short blog post to receive a message from our contributor: Have you noticed when I am in a, well I really don't know what kind of, mood I begin to write posts in a more interactive style? Dreadfully annoying to some, I'm sure.)
Some glue and scrapbook paper later we have a lovely covered Bach book.

I hope the pictures (Don't we all love a good picture filled post?) made up for the amount of scrolling ya'll did to get to here,
the end.

Now, I will go get the wrapping paper and threaten any child who dares enter into my room.