Patience is one of those things that I continually battle to have.  I'm in the middle of another bout with my flesh with regard to patience. By now, you all know that I like to have things all planned out. I like to know what the next step is. In life, often God does not tell you what exactly the next step is.  And that. Is hard for me.

The unknown is not always something that one looks to with a chipper spirit. In fact, I know of none who rejoice in having no clue what comes next (in life as a whole)! As I near graduation, I am beginning to look at what the next step is for me.  Do I leave the country for a few years(or forever) as a Missionary? Do I become a missionary in Chicago or some other place stateside? Maybe I'm to help the people in Midtown with the H family.  Where do I go next?

This is where the need for patience comes in. I want to know on my timetable- no time flat. Nice try, Rebekah. It is something that I am just going to have to pray though and let rest as I pray. The more I mull it and chew it the more ill I become. (I'm good a placing pressure where there originally was none.) I think that there is even some fear buried deep in there. (Totally irrational, I know.)

I received some good advice from a friend today.  She suggested that during my Christmas break each day I pray specifically for each opportunity, the people that need Jesus there, and where I am supposed to be.  My head was so foggy I didn't even know where to begin so I'm very thankful for the suggestion.

  • EA and Z- people
  • Chicago- The Church of the Beloved
  • Midtown- FBC
  • Any other place He wants to lay on my heart