Bargins, Needs, and Splurges

Katy and I chose to use the day for shopping. First stop. Ross to return a dress that fit a bit too well. It was similar (different pattern) to this dress.
Then off to Mashalls in search of a purse. To no avail.
Then. FRESH. The Luxury car of grocery stores.
Acne Spot Treatment
I needed to get a new thing of spot treatment. Beanie decided to paint her fingernails on Christmas eve and knocked the bottle (that was almost full) out of the cupboard. It made the bathroom smell good. :]
 In honor of being on vacation, and Kate's first experience at FRESH, we splurged.
GoodNIGHT! That gelato is good.
Goodwill SUPER STORE!  Yes my friends, this is my $4.99 Banana Republic hardly been worn new dress coat. Below you find me in my sister's $3.99 adorable little jacket.


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