Wearing my favorite jacket listening to kids on the porch behind me.
Today was day two of the NWA basketball tournament. We got up bright and early and headed an hr north. 
I wish I could say that my siblings teams slaughtered their opponents but alas, they lost every game.
It wasn't a good Patriot ball day for most of our teams.

I am thankful that I am on the mend. I've been sick for most of the week. 
Congestion- sore throat- tiredness.
I almost fell asleep at 6 in the middle of a game last night which is quite unlike me.

I'm getting super excited about the Christmas Party that is coming up!
People might actually be there! How fun!? I need to look at my list and check off those I've invited.
I also need to address and mail some invites.
Tomorrow afternoon maybe.

I *thought* I was mostly done with my case study then I asked for some pointers
...no where near close to ready...
Yes, I cried in frustration.
Fyi, when my instructor says summarize what she really means is
"in great detail".
Thankfully it is an "almost fun" project that wouldn't be any big deal except I've another test to study for.
It was own choice though. I'm thinking watching my Patriots is gonna have been worth it.
There is to be a wedding this summer.  A couple from our HS group just became engaged.
Very exciting.
My Beloved, I'm praying for you all the more.