So I'm late in the whole thankfulness posting BUT
it is not because I'm not thankful. 
Until this evening, I haven't had something I'm thankful for inspire me to blog.

I am thankful for...
I'm not too picky as to what kind. Fancy Venus or BIC disposables it matters not to me.
I am just very thankful for the precious commodity.
What brought about the sudden revelation?
My family went out of state to my Aunt's house and I forgot my razor.
Yes, I could have bought one at walmart. We were there often enough.
But, I decided to stick it out until I got home.

By the time I got home, I had begun to wonder how women not on our continent can stand it!
I was beginning to feel as if I looked more like this guy than a woman.

I write this as a happy western woman who put to good use her razor.
Thank your LORD for razors.


  1. i think razors are misogynistic. why should it be okay for men to be hairy while women are gross and bizarre if they don't shave?
    also i shave pretty much everywhere pretty much every time i shower.
    i'm not that much of a feminist, i guess ;)
    ...i'm thankful for razors, too :D

  2. (actually i don't really think razors are misogynistic. they're inanimate objects.)

  3. I take it no-shave November and you don't cooperate very well.


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