* Practiced mommyhood today. I loved it all the way up until evening. 
Btw, I'm really bad at it. I'm not a super nice mommy. Just a kinda nice mommy.
My parents are spending some time all by their lonesomes.
* Began planning a Christmas party. I'm so excited. We're thinking mug exchange.

* Edited some pictures this am. It was hard. They weren't any good to begin with.

  *Sent afore mentioned pictures to my Aunt. Hopefully she can find one she likes enough for the Christmas card.
* Was asked to photograph some kiddos tomorrow afternoon.  
Thus I have been looking for inspiration.  I've nothing so far. 
I  am purposing to take my time and get things just so instead of snapping away.
That can only partially happen cause they are kids.

* Really need to be doing homework.

* Bought a robe to make party favors. 

* Cleaned the house with the help of all the kids.

*Watched Cinderfella on youtube with the kids. Made a dinner that they actually loved. Watched a wedding online an hour and half after it happened. Finished Cinderfella.

*If you got this far you are a dedicated reader.