The Good Daughter

Today I decided to help momma with a project while she was out of town at ball games.
I was sure she'd love it.
I was going to dust all the stuff on the shelves in the kitchen.
I got out my trusty vacuum.
We, Roger and I, pulled everything off the shelves, dusted, vacuumed then put it all back.
All was going well until I smelled something burning.
Hmm not good.
My super smart brother found the source.
The vacuum cleaner. 
I put the vacuum in the chair so that the hose would reach above the cupboards.
And I, being the bright one I am, thought that when you use the extension on the vacuum the floor roller does not work. Haha. 
Not. True.
While I sucked away with my hose, the wheels began to burn through the paint on the chair.
It made a pattern!

After we figured it out and laughed a bit, Roger found out a way for me to still be able to put the vacuum in the chair without burning the canvas seat.
The work continued on.
The end results are quite pleasing if you ask me.
This is with all other kitchen lights out. The rope lights cast a pretty glow.
The picture doesn't do it justice. I am not a night photographer. I'm not a photographer period.
You should come by and see it some time. :)


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