There is a family that I know that is living in the midst of a movie.
That is to say, the events in their life would make a beautiful drama.
[I'm not so sure that they would see it as the compliment I do.]

This drama is one of Divine intervention.
It is how God brought together a family in need and a family who loves.

The E family wanted to have another child.
Physically it was an impossibility.
They prayed about adoption. 
But they began to wonder if that is really what God wanted?
  Matches had been found and then things would fall through.
Yet it was still heavy on their heart. God was impressing them to adopt a child.
And then God...

She was in her 30s. 
5 children already with another baby  in her womb.
How could she do it? 
She was in a wheel chair with MS not able to do some of the most basic of things.
She and the father made the choice to put this child up for adoption.

The families were matched. 
God did the one thing that the Es had been praying for specifically.
The birth family lived within the state-within driving distance at that.

Little did either family know that their whole worlds were going to be so drastically changed.
The E family thought they were loving only their new one-not seeing to the needs of his mom. 
The birth family thought they were just finding a good home for their child- not finding a friend and ally.

God is moving.
The E Mom has a compassion and love that can only be the work of the Holy Spirit.
The Birth Mother may just end up a Believer by the time all is said and done.

Pray for the E family.
Birth Parents Salvation
Adoptive Family spiritual and emotional stamina
Health of baby Ethan
Health of birth mom